An Award-Winning Resellers Campaign

Client: F-Secure

Type: Integrated campaign

In Q2 2014, F-Secure, an IT security solutions provider, launched a two-pronged campaign aimed at end-user prospects and resellers in 10 countries. Eloqua, integrated with CRM system, which in F-Secure is called FellowForce, played a pivotal role in managing and tracking the ambitious campaign.


The FellowForce integration enabled better lead management procedures to be carried out by the country offices in 10 main markets. As a lead filled in a form in Eloqua, an immediate email notification from Eloqua was sent through to FellowForce so that the salesperson was able to contact new leads without delay. The goal of sales calls was to set up a meeting or a webinar for further discussion.


High-quality reseller leads increased by more than 250 percent over the year previous, and end-user metrics more than tripled across 10 markets. But one of the most valuable benefits was the galvanizing effect that real-time campaign and sales metrics had on in-country sales teams in this truly international campaign. The campaign won gold at the 2015 Markie Awards in Las Vegas.