Achieving both cut-through and surprise

Client: Thomson Reuters

Type: Campaign concept and thought leadership content


BBN Australia was tasked with developing a campaign concept, look and feel for positioning the ONESOURCE solution in relation to new rules transfer pricing.

The goal was to develop a unique and compelling campaign, we wanted a single-minded proposition that would take broad ground quickly, by presenting the benefits of using ONESOURCE in an inarguable manner, and would resonate equally with finance professionals and taxation specialists.


The campaign messaging was to distil the high-level ONESOURCE messaging and the specific Accounts Production and BEPS Action Manager product messages to get to our single-minded proposition for the campaign. What happens if they ‘don’t have control of information and data within accounts, can’t produce a proactive response to country-by-country reporting’ and are ‘unable to navigate a new era of transfer pricing documentation’?

When they can – they can manage transparency, and present their position in a way that demonstrates and creates confidence.

When they can’t – they risk exposure.

The primary messaging objective was to position transparency as the obviously favourable option. Secondary and tertiary messaging focused on confidence and conviction. The campaign developed embodied a multinational business interest that is upfront, distinct, with a recognisable/valuable brand and likes to be confident in its position.


As part of our “Be Transparent” integrated campaign, we developed a full campaign “Playbook” for Thomson Reuters, which empowered them to deliver a number of executions internally and externally. The e-mail campaign, microsite and content download exceeded initial expectations and conversions from the microsite resulted in a number of sales opportunities.

Microsite conversion rate

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