Absurd Lengths

Client: Dow Agrosciences - Perfectmatch

Type: Integrated Campaign


Many herbicides have to be mixed with other chemicals in order to enhance their effectiveness. The newest Dow AgroSciences herbicide for the spring wheat market, PerfectMatch™, makes that process a thing of the past. Instead, this stand-alone product provides the broadest weed protection available, controlling 86 broadleaves and 13 kinds of grass. This means that instead of having to go to absurd lengths to protect their fields, farmers can now follow a simple step: applying PerfectMatch herbicide.


Weeds are a constant pain point for farmers. They’re hard to control, and no product seems to do the job well enough, which is why farmers feel compelled to go to absurd lengths to try to eradicate them. The Bader Rutter creative team took this idea of “absurd lengths” and ran with it to its furthest (ridiculous) conclusion. Communications tactics included TV, print, direct mail and digital.


Emails saw an average 31 per cent click-to-open rate, which exceeds previous campaign mailings. Visits to the product website are 37 per cent higher than for any of their typical product launch. Demand for the product has exceeded the client’s expectations, 10-fold.

Higher website visits

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