ABM to generate leads

Client: Google Cloud India

Type: ABM, increase awareness, lead generation


Google Cloud India approached GetIT Comms to help break into the Indian enterprise market. It wanted to focus its energies on 6,000 key accounts. It needed GetIT Comms to identify decision-makers and influencers within those accounts, drive up engagement with 20,000+ prospects, and then create bridges to its sales arms, including its channel partners.

Some Aims Include:

  • Improve the Volume, Value and Velocity of Engagement With Every Prospect
  • Deepen Awareness of Google Cloud Products/Solutions
  • Increase Cross-sell, Up-sell, and Revenue Per Account
  • Monitor and Track Account-Based Engagement
  • Increase Depth of Engagement (More Profiles) in Every Account
  • Drive Up MQL and SQL Numbers
  • Improve the Visibility of Google Cloud Account Managers
  • Leverage Intent Data to Unmask Hidden Interest
  • Create 360 Engagement View Across Platforms
  • Speed Up Deal Velocity


BBN Singapore leveraged an ABM-based content marketing strategy. As a first step, it delved deep into the 6,000 accounts deciding, in conjunction with Google Cloud India, which personas should be targetted. The campaign started out targetting 6 personas and over time added more. Today it reaches out to 10+ personas. These include CEO, CIO, CMO, CFO, COO, CTO, Sales Head, IT Manager, Application Developers, Technical Enterprise Users, and Data Scientists. An awareness-, consideration- and evaluation-focused content framework were built along with five key product and solutions areas.

BBN Singapore then built a personalized content hub (Buildwhatsnext.com) to host 210-plus pieces of content.


GetIT Comms and Google Cloud India co-created a lead scoring framework to ensure accurate lead measurement and optimal pipeline acceleration. The scoring framework gives different weights to different personas and different classes of content. The scoring framework is tweaked on a regular basis for greater lead accuracy and sales effectiveness.

GetIT Comms then built a propriety performance platform and reporting dashboard. This offers a 360-view of engagement and provides all the details on the accounts, personas, content engagement, lead score, meeting requests.

Sales lead conversions

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