A revolution in understanding

Client: Perigon

Type: Website build / technology

Perigon’s product had a great reputation. But the customer experience wasn’t quite as strong as it could have been. With a major new version of its flagship software imminent, Perigon decided to refresh its brand and create a new website.


It was our job to tell internal and external stakeholders that Perigon was no longer a young company finding its feet. We would show how Perigon products fit into customers’ worlds and demonstrate the unique capabilities of their software. We used circular shapes, not only to reinforce Perigon’s tagline, “a revolution in understanding,” but also to represent tangible aspects of the business.


Our work with Perigon was a bold move. We redefined their image. We revolutionised their website. When we presented the new logo to Paul Reid, Perigon’s founder, he loved it. “I unveiled the new branding to all staff in the UK, and I’m pleased to say that the response was extremely positive. I think we are on a winner with it,” Reid said.