The world’s b2b agency in Japan

impactM is our first partner agency from Japan having joined BBN in May 2018. Since their establishment in 2010, they have been focusing on providing B2B marketing solutions from large global corporations to midsized local companies. They have worked with over 700 clients and have provided solutions for 4,000 marketing campaigns. The main reason why their clients choose them is because they offer the solutions that enable clients to push through challenges and drive growth.

Working together with the client, they design and manage the entire process of lead generation, from strategy development to planning execution and implementation. impactM achieve their quality marketing lead KPI through a combination of digital marketing and telemarketing. They also love devising comprehensive content strategies and have a rigorous Account Based Marketing approach that strengthens collaborations through data-driven solutions.

As the new Japanese B2B marketing expert, they are bringing their experience and capabilities to the rest of BBN.


Tomoko Shibata

Ex-IBMer. After running George P Johnson Japan, she managed joint venture set-up and establish OnChannel Japan in 2010 to manage IBM Japan’s partner marketing. In 2017, she lead transformation of the agency with capability diversification by becoming 100% independent agency, impactM to strengthen its B2B marketing and technology solutions.

Takayuki Fukao
Executive officer, Sales

Ex-IBMer. Experienced in system development, project management, and marketing. Established and ran his own company, Value Drive, providing B2B digital marketing solutions for the various clients such as IBM, Google, and Adobe. Joined impactM in January 2017.

Jo Kuroiwa
Executive officer, Business Development

After 13 years of driving IT solution sales at IBM affiliated SIer, joined impactM in 2017 to manage the digital platform businesses and new businesses development.

Hiroyuki Asai
Executive Officer, Planning

After running B2B marketing at a telecommunications company, Hiroyuki managed and expanded the team for Microsoft’s B2B marketing at Wunderman. With rich experience of B2B marketing and operation, he joined impactM in 2015 and drives its creative and planning capability.

Ken Saito
General Manager

Long and deep experience in account management at several global agencies especially managing B2B brand such as IBM, SAP, Dell, Microsoft, and HP. Former Japan country manager of Wunderman. Joined impactM to drive the business with BBN global opportunity.



For new business or general enquiries please contact:


T: +81 3 6861 3060