The world’s b2b agency in France

Based in Paris, the ComCorp team became BBN partners in 2014. Specialists in building business and brand reputations, the agency recognised how aligned their values were with BBN and chose to join forces and develop a new partnership. This addition to BBN brought multilingual PR and design specialists into the fold along with an international client base across all sectors.

ComCorp is a human-sized agency that embodies the best of small and large agencies. This means they offer agility, flexibility and generosity with a multidisciplinary savoir-faire.

Their broad range of hybrid skills is suited to designing and deploying campaigns that shape, establish and strengthen a client’s image.

The agency’s client portfolio also demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the local French market and media. This ability to broadcast reputation at all levels, at home as well as internationally, is invaluable as BBN’s French partner.


Charles de La Rochefoucauld
Founder & President

With 40 years of experience in the communications industry, Charles is known for his insight in the B2B PR and communications industry and in particular for his work on brand reputation and the reputation index. Prior to founding ComCorp in 2013, Charles was the founder and president of La Rochefoucauld Anderson & Lembke for 20 years. Charles also worked as Vice-President at Publicis Consultants.

Marie-Hermine Cohen Boyer

Marie-Hermine heads corporate development, HR and communications and has been Vice President for nearly 3 years at ComCorp. With nearly 30 years of agency experience in corporate development, Marie-Hermine has worked for Agence Beau Fix, Agence La Rochefoucauld Andersen & Lembke, W & Cie Agency (HAVAS Group) and General Management at Gibory Consultant and Group Expression / TOPCOM / Gibory for 10 years.



For new business or general enquiries please contact:

T: +33 142356346