The world’s b2b agency in Belgium

ARK BBN has been the Belgian office of BBN since 2012. Their national and international services portfolio ranges from strategic marketing consulting, concept, design and digital inclusion all the way to social content and public relations.

The agency’s strategic approach allows them to identify the unique attributes of B2B brands and devise spectacular creative campaigns that forge long-term relationships and grow brands globally.

The agency employs a dynamic team of problem solvers and creative thinkers who can help businesses in every aspect of their B2B or B2C communications. They look at every new project through a different lens and amplify the message to give it a strategic stage in any business-to-business market.

ARK BBN’s comprehensive creative skillset and agile approach enable them to act quickly and effectively break down targets into daily, weekly and monthly activities to maximise the ROI of any project. It is this methodology that earned them the Golden Bee Award for ‘Best Use of Creative’ in 2017.


Ben Verleysen
Managing Director

As the founder of ARK BBN, Ben has always had a passion for marketing & communications and innovation. An experienced professional, he recognised the opportunities of marketing automation for B2B businesses in the early stages. Since then, he has been an ardent advocate of strategic, segmented and highly personalised marketing to measure and optimise the marketing ROI of B2B businesses globally.

Peter Foubert
Strategy Manager

After a successful career as a copywriter and creative director, Peter has developed an eye for strategic opportunities. He has made it a personal mission of his to bridge the gap between a brand’s marketing strategy and creative ideas. As a true believer of inbound marketing, he is convinced marketing automation is part of a broader marketing strategy to attract the right targets and convert them into sales-qualified leads.

Dominique Zuliani
Account Manager

As an experienced, caring and customer-oriented coordinator, Dominique listens to the needs of her clients before translating them to the Project Managers. She is known to treat her clients’ projects as her own, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s before they are presented. It is Dominique who turns abstract, long-term goals into manageable chunks with a measurable ROI and clear KPIs, which she reports back to her clients timely and accurately.

Ward Germeau
Creative Director

Ward is head of the creative team. He connects the dots of the Project Managers and turns them into concepts that work for the clients as well as the audience. He believes in the power of visible brand identities as much as he does in standing out from the crowd. Ward is always hungry for new creative canvases, new ways of connecting with the target audience by using humor, story, emotions, image and sound.



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