BBN Partners Dominate at B2 Awards, Securing Nearly 15% of Total Wins

In a remarkable showcase of excellence and creativity, BBN partner agencies have once again demonstrated their prowess in the global marketing arena. At the industry’s recent prestigious B2 Awards, BBN partners collectively won 19 awards, representing approximately 14.84% of the total 128 awards presented—more than any other agency or group.


Standout Performances by BBN Partners

These BBN partner agencies stood out for their impressive haul of awards:

Park & Battery:

  1. Agency of the Year – Small: GOLD
  2. Content Marketing: GOLD for Esquire Bank: Champions of Social Justice
  3. Influencer Marketing: GOLD for Esquire Bank: Champions of Social Justice
  4. Multi-Year Impact: GOLD for Esquire Bank: Succeed Boldly
  5. Corporate Identity Program: SILVER for AllazoHealth: The Portrait of Personalization
  6. Digital Transformation: SILVER for Esquire Bank: Succeed Boldly
  7. Integrated Marketing Program: Small to Midsize Business: BRONZE for Esquire Bank: Champions of Social Justice
  8. Microsite or Landing Page: BRONZE for Esquire Bank: Champions of Social Justice


Bader Rutter:

  1. Content Marketing: GOLD for Born of the Bond Docuseries (Zoetis and Bader Rutter)
  2. Direct Mail, Flat or Dimensional: GOLD for Seaboard Pig Mailer (Seaboard Foods and Bader Rutter)
  3. Event Marketing Campaign: GOLD for McCain Foods: EPIC Throwdown (McCain Foods and Bader Rutter)
  4. Influencer Marketing: SILVER for McCain Foods: EPIC Throwdown (McCain Foods and Bader Rutter)
  5. Video Marketing: SILVER for Born of the Bond Docuseries (Zoetis and Bader Rutter)
  6. Content Marketing: BRONZE for McCain Foods: EPIC Throwdown (McCain Foods and Bader Rutter)



  1. Industry Sector Spotlight AwardBusiness and Professional Services: GOLD for KPMG: The Consumer Advisory Collection
  2. Integrated Marketing Program: Large Enterprise: SILVER for KPMG: The Consumer Advisory Collection
  3. Product Launch or Relaunch: SILVER for KPMG: The Consumer Advisory Collection
  4. Regional Spotlight Award: United Kingdom: BRONZE for KPMG: The Consumer Advisory Collection



  1. Corporate Identity Program: GOLD for Fleetguard Brand Re-Launch (Fleetguard and TriComB2B)


 A Testament to Excellence

The significant achievements of these BBN partners underscore the strength and quality of the BBN partnership. Winning nearly 15% of the total awards is a testament to the collaborative spirit, innovative strategies, and relentless pursuit of excellence that BBN partners embody.

Annette Poyser, Executive Director of BBN, commented, “We are incredibly proud of our partner agencies. Their success at these prestigious awards highlights the outstanding talent and dedication within the BBN partnership. These wins are not just individual accolades but a reflection of the collective strength and collaborative ethos that defines BBN.”


Looking Ahead

As BBN continues to expand and evolve, the partnership’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence remains unwavering. The achievements of Park & Battery, True, Bader Rutter, and TriComB2B inspire all BBN partners and set a high bar for future endeavours.

For more information on becoming a BBN partner and joining a partnership of award-winning agencies, visit BBN International and explore the benefits of collaboration and shared success.

BBN’s approach is based on offering integrated delivery teams to its international clients, who have in-depth industry experience, technical and creative competencies, and geographic coverage. By drawing on an extensive and diverse global talent pool with a variety of highly specialised skill sets from our global partners, BBN can give clients a one-agency experience.

Recognised as one of the Top International B2B Marketing Agencies [1], BBN partners employ more than 1,500 B2B specialists in 71 offices spanning 30 countries, speaking 37 languages. BBN Partners has over 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors, generating over $185 million in global billings.

[1] B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report, 2023

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