Make good, strategic, rational decisions about your brand

This is an excerpt from an article in our latest issue of Buzz Magazine on the value of a brand in B2B marketing.


The fundamental challenge that we have when applying reason to the subject of brand is that great brand is great emotion. And this gives us a dichotomy, which is neatly summed up in a strategic principle that I apply called, ‘Make Thinking Visible’. Without the rational, in-depth, analytical, left-brain approach, it is hard to have the right positioning and messaging associated with a brand in a creative, emotional space. One would have thought it would have been much simpler, just come up with a great idea that feels about right, and because it feels about right, therefore it will be. However, that’s not the way it works.

Consistent with our BBN partnership and using a number of tools that have been proven over the years, there is no doubt that discovery, whether it be qualitative, quantitative analysis, focus groups, interviews or whatever it happens to be, is essential to understand exactly how a brand should be positioned and how decisions should be made about the brand.

Where BBN partners score over others, is that we try very hard to put our brand orientated thinking within the context of business strategy, and we have many tools specifically designed to do that. In particular, we set out to gain a deeper understanding of what the corporate intent is, whether through differentiation or positioning or whatever, to ensure that the brand story is consistent.

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