BBN Conference 2017

This year’s conference held on 8 & 9 May 2017, at Chateauform’s Schloss Reinhartshausen just outside Frankfurt, gave partner agency owners the opportunity to be involved in one of the most pivotal events we’ve had as a group in the last 5 years.



In a session entitled The Transformational Approach we discussed key issues that would propel BBN to the next level and become a true challenger brand within our industry… very exciting times!

During the two days in Germany, 23 agency representatives took part in some stimulating discussion and our idea-generating workshops revealed some ambitious thinking and propelling questions.

Our new agency partners were invited to give a short credentials presentation and made the most of this great opportunity to network and build on the close relationships our owners already enjoy.

Just for fun and the love of Tea, we asked our agencies, to bring along samples of their favourite brew to share with their colleagues and this was the result…


We took this opportunity to review our current business plan and share thoughts on our next one: when you get this many smart and ambitious people in one room, magic really does happen!

You can see photos from this event here.

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