Derse Launches ShowPoint

With multiple perspectives on which shows are the best to attend, how do you objectively choose the right ones?

Introducing ShowPoint

Last month Derse released ShowPoint , an online scorecard that helps marketers confidently evaluate their trade show schedule. ShowPoint is the company’s first direct-to-consumer online product.

For years, we have helped our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars and achieve KPIs by recommending the trade shows that best match their business goals. Using this same principle, Derse has developed the online tool, ShowPoint

How it Works

For marketers responsible for trade show management, ShowPoint’s algorithm determines whether a trade show aligns with their face-to-face strategy. Users can get an immediate assessment of a show in four simple steps:

1. Identify the show
2. Rank show objectives
3. Enter show data
4. Review your show score

The tool prompts users to enter show-specific questions based on the objectives they entered. ShowPoint then produces, in real time, a fitness score of 1-4 and a recommendation of “Go” or “No-Go.”

“ShowPoint enables marketers to make smarter choices for their face-to-face marketing program,” said Meagan Porter, Vice President of Client Strategic Services. “As we position ourselves to be the sought-after leader in our industry, we want to be easily accessible for marketers who seek strategic consultation. We are proud to offer this online, on-demand solution.”


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