The Many Faces of Facebook

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Facebook launched on the 4th of Feb 2004.

Since then, digital marketers have long struggled to leverage this powerful tool to reach their target market and discover new opportunities. Today, more than ever, modern digital marketers have to learn how to use the tool, or risk becoming a digital dinosaur.

Facebook brand pages only launched in 2007. (Before this, a number of brands started creating accounts as people due to the initial rapid adoption of social media as a marketing tool.) Facebook remains the biggest social media platform available to the modern marketer. It currently has over 1.6 billion active users, 22% of the earth’s total population.

Marketing strategies are also vastly different from what they used to be in the early days. They now have to consider a number of elements to guide their social strategies.

Facebook may not be the right choice for every brand right now, but if most modern marketers intend on staying relevant with their users, they’ll have to monitor the evolution of Facebook and take advantage of marketing automation solutions.

Because let’s face it – who doesn’t like social media?

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