The Secret Weapon of the New Business Pitch: Command Centres

Sweaty palms. Stiff business suits. Powerpoint presentations that took weeks to build. You’re on the clock, trying to convince that group of people scrutinizing you that you’re the best team to take on their marketing or PR needs.

Many marketing and PR agencies have found their secret weapon to awe-inspire their potential clients: the NUVI Command Centre.

Command Centres are both stunning and extremely efficient. It’s a visual way of displaying the information you’re receiving. We like to consider it a piece of artwork up on the wall of the office: created to impress. These NUVI Command Centres are a showstopper when people first come into the office, instantly intriguing clients and provoking questions like, “what is THIS?!” and “can you do THIS for us?”

It is easy to impress your clients by showing them their real time data:

• Here’s YOUR brand.

• Here’s who is talking about you, right now.

• Here are the conversations that are happening on social media.

• Here’s how your current campaign is doing in the social world.

• And, most importantly, here’s what’s trending because of the campaign we ran.

You can even display a competitive analysis, showing what your clients competitors are doing all before your meeting begins! These NUVI Command Centres are adaptable and allow your brand to show a variety of analyses, making the data even more powerful.

When it comes to marketing or PR professionals, these displays are key, both for helping current clients see the impact of your work, and for crafting show-stopping new business pitches. Let me explain why.

Let’s say we’re a PR agency, about to pitch Puma to win their business. Puma representatives come into your office and you immediately point them to the Command Centre:

“Puma, we pulled up all of your social-media visualizations.”

“Here’s the social side of your brand. Here’s how many mentions you are getting and here are your trending concepts and terms.”

“Here are the positive things people are saying about you…”

NUVI Bubble Stream

“…and here are the negative things people are saying.”

NUVI Bubble Stream

“Here are your key influencers.”

NUVI Key Influencers

“Here’s where the majority of the conversation is taking place.”


“Is your company’s campaign focusing in France? Because that’s where people are talking about you.”

NUVI Map France with Comment

Some of our NUVI clients even use touchscreen Command Centres! This allows users to be more interactive with their NUVI data in showing the conversation going on with the topic or brand being monitored. This is an impactful way to show them where you can help them take their brand to a new level.

For marketing and PR professionals, having a Command Centre is pretty incredible to be able to show the agency’s expertise in an impressive, visual way.

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