Why You Should Use Lead Nurturing in 2016

“Lead nurturing” is about building relationships with leads over time and continuing to engage them until they are ready to buy. it keeps you top of mind with your potential clients. This means that when they’re ready to make a purchase you’ll be the first person to whom they speak. Closing sales is the goal, and with effective lead nurturing, the leads move through the pipeline and (almost!) close themselves. Lead nurturing has a lot of benefits, and if you are not using effective lead nurturing tactics yet, the reasons below just might convince you.

Lead nurturing establishes trust

Lead nurturing helps build trust in potential clients. While you may think that talking to someone who is not ready to buy today as a waste of time, it sets a foundation and ensures a good connection for future purchases. It also provides a venue for referrals – just because your contact is not ready to buy does not mean he or she doesn’t have a peer who is.

Maintain communication

After you establish trust, you want to maintain communication with your leads. You can setup automated emails to be sent out to your leads in bulk as a follow up or a friendly reminder of your business and what you have to offer. These emails can be personalized with each lead’s specific interests to further persuade the potential buyer into using your product or service.

Identify customer interests and desires

Lead nurturing communications are an excellent way to learn about your leads and what they want. For example, have customers asked questions about features you don’t yet offer? You can use this information for some research and development if you get enough inquiries about certain features commonly requested.

Start nurturing today

Lead nurturing is a key component of marketing automation and it’s why you need to implement a platform today. SharpSpring has built its entire platform around agencies and businesses that focus on B2B conversions. Want to find out why more than one thousand businesses started using the marketing platform in less than a year? Schedule your demo today.

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