How does a BBN collaboration create a valuable world first?

BBN collaboration between agencies is crucial to the success of its members. BBN’s global energy marketing communications specialists BBN UK (Scotland) has announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with BBN’s Norwegian agency, in a move that will see both companies expand their presence in the world’s oil and gas producing regions.

The alliance creates a unique proposition to oil and gas firms operating on both sides of the North Sea, and further afield, by offering a truly integrated specialist energy marketing resource with local market expertise across the world’s major oil capitals in the UK, Norway, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Ian Ord, founder and business development director,BBN UK (Scotland) said of the agreement: “At a time where the industry is focused on increased collaboration and efficiencies, it felt right that our agency looked at how we could develop in these areas, and our partnership with BBN Norway exemplifies this. Our worldwide reach and energy sector experience, along with their market expertise in Norway is a formidable combination for our clients and those companies entering or operating in the oil and gas sector in Norway, or indeed for Norwegian oil and gas companies looking to expand internationally.”

Andreas Thue, managing director at BBN Norway commented: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with another BBN agency as we know our companies operate with the same beliefs and models with regards to marketing communications that are focused on generating measurable sales outcomes.”

Ian Ord continued: “What this alliance presents is an agency who can talk oil and gas marketing in any language. Not only does this offer clients’ greater consistency across their global communications, it delivers efficiency and cost savings that will enable marketing budgets to go further and work harder. With no sign of a recovery in the commodity price, companies will have to sharpen their messaging, aggressively promote what makes them different, better or more relevant in today’s economic climate and be more innovative in their routes to market. In my opinion, 2016 will have a better outlook for the smartest marketers. ”

The two agencies are already collaborating on a new model for oil and gas marketing, founded in driving efficiencies through digital marketing techniques and a greater emphasis on measurement and outcomes, and will be unveiling this in early 2016 with a series of seminars to be hosted in Norway and Aberdeen.

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