The bigger picture

We are BBN

Over a thousand B2B specialists – 19 countries – $135 million global billings – 300 clients in 23 different B2B sectors

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one? It’s not easy to find – especially if you need a wealth of B2B experience, in every theatre of the world.

BBN was formed to make it happen. Unlike traditional global agency networks, we are individually experienced and openly collaborative. Everyone plays their role.

We’ve ironed out bureaucracy and complexity. Across every country and every city, we share the same (bespoke) BBN tools and processes.

This results in real-time collaboration for global clients across every discipline from B2B marketing and advertising, to digital, media, research and PR is a reality.

So if you need to build a global presence with local relevance, talk to BBN – the B2B agency that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Meet BBN owner-managers

The global presence of BBN is built upon independently strong local offices, each with experienced Owner-Managers. This drives the culture and ethos of BBN globally, helping us to deliver the award-winning B2B marketing and creativity that sets our agency apart.

Karen Powell
Managing Director
BBN Australia
+61 2 9957 3666
Ben Verleysen
BBN Belgium
+32 3 780 96 96
Beth Garcia
Director and CEO
BBN Brazil
+21 3461-4616
Matt Orlando
BBN Canada
+1 905 940 1948
Pavel Marek
Managing Director
BBN Czech Republic
+420 777 797 388
Timo Kruskopf
Managing Director
BBN Finland
+358 28 145 0600
Charles de la Rochefoucauld
BBN France
+33 142356346
Gudmund Semb
BBN Germany
+49 179 7074542
Gerard van den Bogaart
Managing Director
BBN Netherlands
+31 135 287 307
Andreas Thue
Managing Director
BBN Norway
+47 99 15 33 34 |
Anol Bhattacharya
CEO / Director
BBN Singapore
+65 9002 4307
Johan Åström
BBN Sweden
+46 8 410 719 30
Piers Finzel
Owner / Managing Director
BBN Spain
+ 34 918 286 008
Richard Thomas
Owner / Managing Director
BBN Switzerland
+41 223 015 314
Clif Collier
Founder & Managing Director
+44 1224 626 288
Ian Ord
Founder & Business Development Director
BBN UK Aberdeen
+44 1224 628073
Richard Parsons
Managing Director
BBN UK London
+44 207 9522120
Ed Davis
General Manager
BBN USA Houston
+1 713 457 2121
Greg Nickerson
+1 262 784 7200
Andrew Dalglish
BBN Strategic Partner - Circle Research
+44 20 7960 3802
Ben McGill
New Business Director
BBN Strategic Partner - Turtl
+ 44 7971 484373
Andre Strauss
Vice President EMEA
BBN Strategic Partner - SharpSpring
+27 84 555 556101
Cameron Jensen
BBN Strategic Partner - NUVI
+855 289 6884
Rick Stoner
Marketing Director
BBN Strategic Partner - Derse


Helping to drive a more powerful, unified agency is the task of BBN Central and executive board. Our executive board is comprised of experienced directors from BBN agencies around the globe.

Clif Collier
Founder & Managing Director
+44 1224 626 288

As chairman of BBN, Clif has had responsibility for driving the development of the vision and strategy for BBN. His experience in building Fifth Ring into an international agency specialising in oil & gas, has been invaluable in understanding the cultural and operational challenges that face companies in delivering across borders and continents.

Carola Hecker
Client Services Director
BBN Germany
+49 162 251 0605

Carola has a background in international Product management and has been leading some of BBN’s largest international client accounts over the past ten years, with a special focus on the agricultural and engineering industry. She heads BBN’s Account Management Task team and is actively involved with the network’s new member recruitment.

Curtis Gorrell
Vice President
+1 262 784 7200

As a 30 year veteran in account management, Curtis is all about strategic thinking that helps companies grow their business. In ten years of service with BBN he’s been an active contributor to many task teams, and currently serves as the leader for the BBN Brand Asset Management (BAM) team.

Matt Orlando
CEO & Partner Representative
BBN Canada
+1 416 277 6988

Matt is CEO of BBN Canada. Helping to guide and champion the vision of BBN across the globe has been Matt’s primary focus to ensure meaningful, sustainable growth. He brings a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to many of BBN’s initiatives including marketing, business development and strategy implementation, to name a few.

Annette Fernandes-Poyser
Executive Director
BBN Central
+971 50 550 2197

Annette joined BBN Central as a full time dedicated Executive Director. With over 22 years marketing experience working in agencies and on the client side, Annette manages BBN’s general day-to-day operations and helps streamline the agency’s communications.

Added value specialist support

BBN’s strategic partners have specific specialisms and knowledge in certain areas of B2B marketing and work as an added value resource for our clients and agencies, across all global locations.

SharpSpring offers affordable powerful marketing automation for your business and is one of the most flexible platforms on the market, offering native or 3rd party CRM integration, fully integrated call tracking, universal CMS compatibility, in addition to integration with hundreds of applications. As a strategic partner with BBN, we aim to help clients grow their business.
Tel: +44 (0)20 3695 8201

Turtl is a pioneering digital content experience that helps brands tell their stories in a way that raises the ceiling on content performance and ignites digital conversations with customers. This is achieved by bringing together the art of conversation and the science of performance in a Surf and Immerse reading experience. As a strategic partner with BBN, we aim to deliver more compelling content on behalf of our clients.
T: +44 (0) 7825 700067


NUVI empowers companies of all sizes to find deep data driven insights that bring clarity to the digital conversation surrounding their brand and service. Understand and take advantage of the entire conversation from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, millions of blogs and rss feeds, and countless other digital sources. 

As a strategic partner with BBN, NUVI will help our clients: Research. Analyze. Engage. Report.

Contact: Greg Larsen
T: +855-289-6884 ext 842

Derse logo

Derse is the complete face-to-face marketing agency and exhibit builder with more than 475 employees and six full-service divisions. Ranked as a Top 10 Experiential/Event Marketing Agency by Advertising Age and B2B Top Shop by Chief Marketer, Derse brings a smarter wins approach to exhibits, events and environments for client programs in more than 50 countries. Derse aims to support and collaborate with BBN agencies around the world.

Contact: Rick Stoner
T:+1 414 257 2000