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A Review of Sugar CRM

In addition to its successful business performance, SugarCRM’s brand and reputation are unique in the CRM industry. The company has built a passionate and loyal following of partners and customers. In an industry of fast followers, SugarCRM is one of the few innovators.

Sugar lacks the public visibility of its much larger competitors. Similarly, despite a compelling story, the company suffers from limited market awareness outside the open source community. This is steadily improving as the company demonstrates continued business performance and growth, but remains an issue, which holds back the company’s customer acquisitions and market share objectives.


Being a commercial open source product comes with a level of buyer hesitation or reluctance among some middle market and enterprise organizations. While there are legitimate concerns about open source software solutions that must be reviewed, most don’t actually apply to Sugar.

SugarCRM is one of the few cloud CRM vendors to offer SaaS CRM application portability. Users have the choice to select the cloud that best serves their reliability, performance and service level agreement (SLA) objectives.

The SugarCRM development community, SugarForge, is the strongest open source community in the business applications industry. There are more than 250,000 community members, 25,000 developers and nearly 1,000 extension projects.

For some time now BBN Netherlands had been looking for a solution that would allow their customers to work well together in one online database that didn’t cost the earth to install and maintain. They were seeing a lack of good management of customer data at many companies, partly through lack of knowledge, partly because of poor communication between various departments and partly because of budget restrictions.

For BBN Netherland’s customer E.ON, they recently built a prospect database with about a quarter of a million Dutch companies and successfully migrated it to Sugar CRM. This allowed them to transfer leads more quickly to their sales department. The lead status is continuously visible and can be reported in real time. Moreover, the error sensitivity is significantly reduced.

The advantages of Sugar CRM at a glance:
– an open source program, which means no subscription fees
– quick to implement without involving your IT department
– ranked 5th in the list of most used CRM Software
– a flexible yet simple and intuitive program
– can be integrated with databases such KVK and call-me-not register
– is linkable with marketing automation software such as Eloqua
– ensures alignment between your marketing and sales department
– ensures that your entire sales funnel is insightful
– allows high conversion with low cost

BBN Netherlands has had great success with Sugar CRM. So perhaps some things are better with a little sugar!

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